Monday, November 3, 2008

Pearls of wisdom from violent drunk/psychotic dood

“Hail Satan motherfuckers!”
“Your mom sucks cock”
“Your mom sucked my cock you faggot” (to security guard)
“I’ll light your dick/vagina on fire bitch” (that one is actually pretty good no?)
“Jesus is dead bitches – I killed his ass” (no comment)
“I feel like shit assface” (after throwing up three times)

I’m always surrounded by classy gentlemen. This guy was screaming like a maniac on the top of his lungs AFTER 10 ml of Haldol. It took six big burly security guards to restrain him and even then he almost turned over the stretcher. Being forced to listen to that jackass made me realize how glad I was to be working with nice, normal non-psychotic women with pregnancy concerns.

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