Saturday, November 29, 2008

Dumbest. Code. Ever.

During my morning break, I staggered my way over with an unsteady gait to Starbucks. Lots of other employees were doing the same so naturally there were a lot of people around. There is a gift shop, a drug store and the info desk right in front of the Starbucks so many patients and families are also in the area. For some reason I noticed a lom with an oxygen tank and mask making his way through the gift shop. Apparently there was some resident who was meandering about as well when the lom started gasping for air and turning blue. The heroic resident quickly called a code and in the commotion I made my way over to see what the big fuss was all about. Turns out the tubing got disconnected from the tank when the lom tried to reach for a magazine from an awkward corner. So I reconnect the tubing with the lom returning to a normal colour and unlaboured respirations. This is when I see the code team (which consists of half the ER staff) rushing towards us in a giant kurfluffle looking to save lives and look good in front of the myriad of highly attractive women in the vicinity! One of my coworkers got completely confused when he saw me and asked what was going on. When I explained the situation to him, his worried expression transformed swiftly into one of profound disdain and disappointment followed by the words, “what the fuck man?” as he storms back to the ER. The code blue turned out to be a code bust leaving the resident exceptionally embarrassed.


Glee said...

Hunh. Who knew O2 was so important? You are nurse extraordinaire. When I become a lol, will you be my nurse? You can put me out of my misery by whacking me with my walker.

Maha said...

lol glee if i put you out of your misery with your walker, who will return the favour for me?

Actually it was quite funny - i walked up to the lom, see the tubing disconnected, reconnected it with my trademark dazed and lost look and just kinda stood there while the code barged in! The guy is fine and I'm still just standing there going, 'umm.. can i get my coffee now?'

artillerywifecq said...

ha ha ha. Good catch.