Wednesday, January 7, 2009

My Heart is Damaged

I generally find that at around 0230-0300 brain function starts to decline and I tend to either become progressively more insane or more irritated. I asked some of my coworkers on their thoughts on the subject of the ‘0300’ brain and they generally agreed with me. I found this to be especially true when we got a call from EMS saying that they were bringing us a suspected MI. As we were prepping the room, two of the nurses started to sing Damaged (and quite well) with all of us joining in until we received the patient. Now to find a song that can be related to GI bleeds!


Anonymous said...

I work in ER admitting nites...0400is our witching sucks! Keep blogging, you have new fan!


Jason Acosta said...

just found your blog, love it. here's your song for GI bleeds...enjoy!

Jason Acosta said...

or you could just look up the "colorectal surgeon song" on the youtube.