Friday, January 23, 2009

Minty Fresh?

Today I was the ER gypsy better known as the float nurse. I went all around the ER acting as everyone's extra pair of hands and sending them on break when they looked like they were in severe need of rest and nourishment. For a little while I meandered about aimlessly until I saw a new patient lined up for me – it was a 20-something woman complaining of intense vaginal pain and soreness. I asked the usual questions concerning past gynaecological history, sexual activity and protection methods used. My assessment was fairly benign until she told me that the condom broke so she used Listerine to wash out her vagina. And it wasn't the alcohol free kind either. OUCH! Once I stopped reflexively wincing in sympathy pain, I spent a LOT of time going over plan B and other (much less painful) contraception methods with her. A lot of time.


therapydoc said...

Oy. That's real cringe, friend.

Adolphus said...

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