Thursday, October 30, 2008

The non-medical benefits of medical tape

I live in Canada and its getting progressively cooler, yet until recently I had no winter coat. My last coat had been reduced to nothing but a polyester shell of its former snuggly existence. So off I ventured into a crowded mall (places with a large amount of people now freak me out for some reason - I think someone might fall down the stairs and on my next shift I’d see them wincing in pain) to troll through numerous stores and aisles. My venture was met with success – I walked away with a stylish, warm and grossly overpriced coat. However when I attempted to get through the entrance to the subway, my bag got caught in the revolving door and it ripped leaving my shiny new purchase exposed for all to see. That’s when I started to dig around my oversized bag for a roll of tape and then realized that in an attempt to temporarily shed my nurse identity, I cleared out my bag and left all my supplies at home. Medical tape would have been greatly helpful in patching up my now extremely ghetto looking shopping bag. Lesson of the story – don’t ever leave your house without wallet, keys, phone and tape.


artillerywifecq said...

i use mine to:
- close chip bags
- secure pictures
- fix rips
- tape holes in my garden hose
- repair cat toys
- tape letters closed
- send packages to Iraq
- torture my cats by placing on paws
- repair holes in screen door

Maha said...

I'm loving the cat torture one! I should do that to my cat when I need him to stay in one place while I clean the floors... Never again will I leave the house without tape!