Wednesday, October 22, 2008

The difference between a few centimetres

I walk over to triage and rummage through charts that have been assigned a less urgent/non-urgent score and pick one up that says groin laceration. I call the patient (who happened to be an incredibly good looking man) and start to lead him to the suture room and notice he is walking very carefully. I read over the chart but I wanted to get the story myself. Turns out he was playing hockey, tripped and then got a cut in his right groin from another player who tripped over him. It wasn’t a horrible laceration – no profuse bleeding, no signs of hypovolemia and no pain. In fact, most of it was quite superficial except for a 0.5 cm area that was bleeding very very slowly. He ended up getting a souped up bandaid, a tetanus shot and a good luck before being discharged. One of the residents summed the case up very nicely – “a couple centimetres more medial and… ooohhhh” (as he crossed his legs and winced in pain).


Glee said...

Hubba hubba! Lucky M!!

Glee said...

He's lucky he wasn't of JTL proportions! Hard to miss THAT! ;)