Monday, September 20, 2010

Independent Practice (From TorontoEmerg)

I was going to write something about nursing practice but (as usual) I got distracted, started reading other blogs when I came across TorontoEmerg's post about independent nursing practice. She has written about the topic far more eloquently than I can manage so I'm just going to provide a link to her extremely thought provoking post. Enjoy!


Anonymous said...

Reading this post makes me very glad that I do not work in Canada as a nurse, although I am not clear if this is a nationwide problem or isolated to some facilities.

If I had to call for an order for Tylenol for a HA when it was already ordered for fever, I would be ticked, as would the doctors! (And yes, I know all too well how crazee the rules are in long term care settings; I am talking about intpatient units.)

Ditto for flushing a blocked urinary catheter. And holding meds...well for the love of Pete, give us some credit. Sure I'll call the doc if something is out of line, but to report that the med has been held due to ________, not to ask for orders.

Pattie, RN

Anonymous said...

Actually this happened in the US; not quite the same in Canada, as I point out.