Monday, January 18, 2010

In the Same Room

Several shifts ago, I was assigned to an area with five rooms. In one of the rooms was a homeless man who was being treated for cellulitis and hyperglycemia. He was eventually discharged to a community care centre where home care nurses would take over. After the room was scrubbed clean, another patient was brought into the room. The second patient was a fairly well known celebrity. I thought that it was remarkable that two people with completely opposite socioeconomic backgrounds were treated in the same hospital, in the same room by the same team of doctors and nurses. The Canadian health care systems may have its problems, but it was nice to see it actually working as intended.


Marz said...

FYI: That celebrity is now homeless. Keep up with your celebrity gossip lame-o.
Affectionately yours,
Your sister.

ps, you're a socialist.

Paul said...

Ah tell us their name??? Just kidding , hope it works out

Albinoblackbear said...

Unfortunately when Ralph Klein* had his heart attack he got whisked through the the back door and straight up to the CCU.

This was too bad because he didn't get a chance to have a glimpse at the overstuffed ED waiting room, the nurses who were on their 6th 12h shift in a row, and the hallways that were full of admitted patients with no where to go because there weren't enough nurses to keep the medicine beds open.

All of these things thanks to his health care cuts and firing half the nursing work force.**

Some 'celebs' apparently do get celeb treatment in Canada.


*It is public domain that Ralphie had a jammer so NO I am not violating patient confidentiality.

**Yes I am bitter, but when you worked as a nurse under RK it's hard not to be.

StorytellERdoc said...

Isn't it cool what we do sometimes? You captured it with a great post...just like one minute we're treating a sore throat and the next we are treating multiple traumas. Love that diversity and uncertainty (most of the time!). Well done, Maha.

woolywoman said...

good post. wish the US had a sane system.

midwest woman said...

Anytime we've had anybody remotely well-known or even related to someone well-known, courtesy carts and adminisrators show up like maggots on a carcass. Great story.

Albinoblackbear said...

Maha--I hadn't even been nursing for 2 years when I went to the Arctic. If you're keen you should check out the NWT Intro to Advanced Practice prgm.

The gov pays you full time northern wages for 2 months ($$) to take the course and pays your tuition, subsidizes your rent etc. Amazing course. Plus you get to live in Yellowknife (SUPER fun city).

Honestly though, other than PALS, ACLS, NRP, TNCC, and BTLS the best preparation is community nursing because that is 90% of what you do up there...sore throats, pre-natal exams, paps, chronic dx monitoring, vaccinations etc.

If you want any more info about all of it drop me an email (on profile page). It's a fantastic experience. Beautiful part of the world, new culture...autonomy. The works. Glad you enjoy the tales.


P.S I told the ED docs I worked with before going up that I was planning to do outpost and they really helped me out a lot with teaching me some advanced practice skills...suturing, pelvic exams, etc.

Michael Guzzo said...

There are famous Canadians?

Reality Rounds said...

Let me guess:
It was Pamela Anderson for a breast implant explosion.....or.......

Celion Dion for calorie

Jim Carrey for H1N1 because he does not believe in vaccinations....or....

I think those three are the only famous Canadians, right?

Glee said...


P.S. If you go to the Arctic I'm stowing away in your luggage. You can never leave me. I'm always watching you with my googly crazy eyes...

therapydoc said...

Sickness is the great equalizer, I guess. I see it when I take my father to dialysis, too.

ERP said...

Celine Dion?!?!?!?!? OMG!!!!!

Maha said...

Dear sister,

Better a socialist than a tyrant. *hugz*

ABB – I think this particular celebrity wasn’t very well known by the older crowd so most didn’t recognize him. It’s probably why he didn’t get the VIP treatment. Had I seen RK’s royal treatment while busting my ass on my 6th shift, I’d be mighty pissed and bitter too. And many thanks for info about northern nursing! I’m currently locked into my job for 2 more years because boss lady is paying for a whole bunch of courses and certifications so it’s definitely something in the near distant future.

StorytellERdoc – thanks for the compliments! The diversity is one of the reasons I go back to work (even though I grumble a lot about waking up early).

Woolywoman – The Canadian system has its many insanities as well but it’s definitely nice not having to deal with insurance.

Midwest woman – ‘administrators show up like maggots on carcass’ – Revolting image but in many cases, far too accurate.

Michael Guzzo and RR – Yes there are famous Canadians! :P

RR – I love the scenarios you’ve got for Pammy, Celine and Jimmy!

Glee – Your crazy googly eyes are no match for MY crazy googly eyes! 0_o

Therapydoc – Hope your father stays as healthy as possible.

ERP – If Celine Dion ever comes into my ER, I’ll send you a picture!