Friday, January 15, 2010

Critical Care

Today I felt heartbroken while listening to the news about Haiti on my break. It seems so remarkably unfair that the poorest nation in the western hemisphere must bear the brunt of such a horrible disaster. Please bloggers, donate generously to charities because the best thing we can do for now for the people of Haiti is to give money to reputable international aid organizations. Check out these links for more information.

The Red Cross –
Oxfam International –
Doctors Without Borders –
World Vision –

Also read Dr. D’s more eloquently written appeal to donate to Haiti and his time spent working their prior to becoming a doctor.


Halie said...

Hi Maha,
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StorytellERdoc said...

Hey there!

Great post...felt your compassion oozing from your written words. Thank you for your good energy to the Haiti crisis. Well done.

Enjoy your day.