Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Fall Down Go Boom

Our ER has been a heavy duty construction zone lately.

“Of course we can (BAM) provide a somewhat (THUD) quiet place (OWWWW) for your easily startled formerly (SMASH) shell shocked grandfather”

BUT there is a reason – we’re upgrading our layout, adding new beds and also getting a boat load of some kickass computers and flat screen televisions (to umm keep a track of patients). However, I’m firmly convinced that the ghosts of technologically averse administrators past are haunting us. As a beautiful Sony flat screen panel was being brought into the newly refurbished nursing station, one of the men let go of his end and cracks the screen in 3 jagged pieces. He was a code STEMI. The construction worker is doing well. I rejoice for him and his family. The flat screen panel could not be resuscitated. I mourn for the loss of a beautiful piece of technology.


Tex said...

Right place, right time for the construction worker.

As for the flat screen, a moment of silence...at least til the replacement arrives.

Grumpy, M.D. said...

That's great. Every ER that does this really enhances the ability of it's staff to surf blogs.