Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Notice to Ill Behaved Ambulatory Patients

Attention All Patients:

When your nurse asks you to provide a urine specimen, it does not mean that you should place a dripping wet container on the nursing station. Not only is this practice incredibly unhygienic but highly disgusting to all those working in the premises. It also affects your length of stay because nurses have to clean up the resultant mess. Thank you for your cooperation.

I wrote this note and stuck it to all of the nursing stations because I'm sick of people bringing me dripping, steaming bottles of bladder juice and expecting me to clean up their waste. That's disgusting. If I have to be a bitch to get my point across then so be it but I cannot tolerate people behaving like uncouth beasts just because they're 'sick'. If you lack common courtesy for those who are taking care of you (and you're in sound mind), then you don't deserve my congeniality.

I don't know how my unit manager will react to my note, but so far the rest of the staff is thrilled.


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Well done.

Tee said...

Before I got sick, I was studying to be a midwife. Every month, I would go to my pregnant women's house and do a pre-natal on her. This woman would dip her own urine and show me the stick because she didn't want me to have to handle the cup. I assured her repeatedly that it was my job and I was wearing rubber gloves but it was nothing doing. Shame all people can't be that respectful!