Saturday, August 2, 2008

Good Day, Bad Day

Sometimes I have really good days at work and sometimes I have really bad days. But sometimes, I can’t decide so I have to make a list, weigh the pros and cons and then fall asleep on a public transit vehicle on my way home. A couple of days ago, I had that kind of a day. I figured I’ll write that list down today and see what averages out for an unremarkable day.

I got to work on time to get a detailed report so I was feeling extra confident when doctors randomly decided to walk into patients’ rooms to ask questions.

A man was transferred from the ER onto our floor and was screaming lovely things towards the transport folk and nurses like, ‘fuck off you cocksuckers’, ‘I’ll fucking kill you cocksuckers with my bare hands’, ‘don’t fucking touch me’ and ‘AHHHHHHHHHHH’.

I did what could be considered the most perfect job at starting an IV.

It was on the screaming delirious patient who pulled it out 5 minutes later.

A patient’s wife gave me the most delicious almond and cashew chocolates for washing his face, changing his damp sodden sheets and putting Vaseline in his nose so his NG tube wouldn’t irritate him so much.

Another patient who was wandering and confused ate almost all of them.

The aforementioned patient’s son-in-law was devastatingly handsome.

He was happily married and had two kids. Oh and something with national nursing regulations…

We only had two new admissions.

Both of their histories were inaccurate at best because 45 minutes later, neither one of them could remember their names.

A guy at work was playing the best hip-hop and R&B songs to keep us all going.

A patient’s mother complained that we were playing too much ‘sex music’ at the nursing station. I kid you not.

I got to leave half an hour early and had enough time to pee before commuting back home,

I missed the train home because I decided to get frozen yogurt.

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