Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Whiny Cry Babies or Warning – Rant Ahead

I don’t know what’s in the local water supply but lately I’ve been inundated with patients who are a) obstructed in the small bowel and b) prone to throwing screaming fits of agony when I have to put in an IV and get blood work done. I would imagine that having your doody machine tied up in knots or bunged up to the point of needing surgical intervention would hurt a hell of a lot more than a puny needle collecting minuscule amounts of blood. All friggin’ day I get to hear bitching and screaming about how 25 gauge needles are instruments of superb and exquisite torture. And that was before GI and Gen Surg wanted 18F NG tubes shoved into tiny nares. Also, why, WHY would someone eat a giant pork souvlaki meal after having a confirmed obstruction and being told in no uncertain terms that eating is strictly off limits? Guess who gets to provide barf buckets to those degenerates? Honestly, some days, people really suck! Rant over. Now to head off to bed and dream of something better than small bowel obstructions.


Christine said...

Ok the weird thing is we were all talking about this the other day... the sudden rise in bowel obstructions or disorders. It was like everyones pooper is breaking We weren't even on the GI floor. Its a conspiracy I think! LOL

RehabNurse said...


The only other unit that gets bowel-obsessed is ours.

Oh.My.Freaking.Heavens...we give far too much mag citrate, but when someone needs it, please give it doc!

How do you expect a rehab patient to go to therapy when he/she is stooling all the time because you didn't want to know they were FOS (yes, it's the technical term) and just order the mag.

I call it unclogs you pretty good, and that sure beats a bowel obstruction any day.

Anonymous said...

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