Thursday, September 10, 2009

Zonked Out

Completely unorganized? Check.

Abnormal sleeping patterns? Check.

Lapses in short term memory? Check.

Occasionally slurred speech? Check.

Extreme irritability at neighbours who are rebuilding their deck? Check.

Are these symptoms of a stroke? I really hope not! However, I feel like that for the past two weeks, I’ve been completely and utterly ‘out of it’. I can’t seem to sleep at a normal time, can’t get up before 1400-1500 in the afternoon, feel tired and groggy and can’t pay attention to what happened several hours ago, let alone several days ago. Friends are telling me that I’m anxious about my upcoming performance appraisal, but I’m going to disagree. My completely untested theory is that since I force myself to be hyper-alert and vigilant at work, my mental status takes a 180 turn and I completely zonk out when I’m at home. I think the pinnacle of zoning out happened when I watched 6 hours straight of True Blood with my sister and then promptly fell asleep. As soon as I snap myself out of this funk, I’ll write a proper blog post.

On another note, I’ve officially been a REGISTERED nurse for exactly a year today. How freaky is that? Some days I still feel like a nursing student (albeit with a slightly less emaciated bank account) who’s been wrongfully handed responsibility! And check this out - . All I’ve got to say is thanks so much for paying attention to my little corner of cyberspace :)


girlvet said...

Congratulations - you are officially a nurse - we all act like that.

Glee said...

Woot woot! Congrats on your 1 year and for coming in #32!! You rock, you ER nurse you:D