Saturday, December 20, 2008

An Unjust Punishment

Last week I was called into my bosses’ office for a work performance evaluation (ie: encased in a small space that might as well have had a little demon with a pitch fork nudging me forward into a pit of open flames). Long blog post short, I’ve been told that I’m unorganized and anti-social. Usually there is a grain of truth to any criticism (especially the anti-social part) but this time I’ve been wronged!

I realize that since I’m new I have a bit (fine, a whole hell of a lot) of work to do to improve my organizational skills but being placed in the drunk tank almost every shift with virtually no equipment doesn’t help to improve organization – especially when I’m running around the department trying to find a freaking IV pole or a vital sign machine. Terrible.

I just got an email saying that she needs to keep a closer eye on me so she’s putting me in the psych/drunk tank area for the next several shifts. Hopefully I’ll have some fun stuff to post about but in the meantime, I’m going to relish my last several hours of freedom before being placed in my most hated area for the next 3 nights. Hopefully the massive snow storm and -20 windchills will keep people indoors and away from my area!


Charleen said...

Could this stem from what your were feeling the last of November-first of December?
We all have periods when things don't go right, this is one of them for you.
You have great qualifications and do a good job (read about the delivery again, I think you took control and did great).
Think of a positive thing that has happened during the day and pitch that negative one into the trash can where the needles go.

Maha said...

Thanks for the kind words Charleen! You were right - it was a sort of rough patch for a couple of weeks but I'm finding that things are going a lot smoother for now.

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