Tuesday, July 29, 2008

One of those days...

Even though I’ve been learning some interesting stuff and becoming a bit more independent in my unit, I haven’t been blogging much. Why? Two reasons: night shifts that destroy my sense of time completely and idiotic papers assigned by my idiotic school. I was informed that the point of consolidation was to gain clinical skills, not to churn out steady streams of bullshit. As it stands, I’ll be working three night shifts in a row this week and then right after the last one I’ll be going to my idiotic school to hand in a paper and do a mock licensing exam. Tell me how this works please – all summer we’ve been working ungodly hours for FREE while writing papers that will have no bearing on our lives and then expect to study for the licensing exam? I’d really like to have a few words in a dark alley with the no talent ass clowns who thought that the current set-up would be a good idea.

In any case, I can’t not write a little bit about hospital life so I’ll end this rant with a little anecdote. The nurses on our floor were recently told by the manager that we are no longer allowed to call computer on wheels ‘cows’. A big boned (read morbidly obese) patient complained that the staff were making fun of her when we said, “go get the cow to bed 04B”.

People are morons.

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