Friday, March 12, 2010

An Educational Post

Self explanatory, really.


shrtstormtrooper said...

Baaahahaha that is the best thing EVAR!

Anonymous said...

Thank you.

You have clarified things immensely. Always wondered what that meant! The things they teach at those fancy downtown hospitals... ;)

Grumpy, M.D. said...

I use stronger language, same context.

RH said...

just what I needed this morning.



StorytellERdoc said...

Maha, you are too funny. Is this from you or wise person in your life? One who forgot to add the "f" word.
Have a good weekend.

Mike said...


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Sarah said...

Dude, I think I may know you. This was posted in the triage at the hospital I trained at. I had saved a pic of it because it amused me so. How bizarre to have happened across your blog. Small world, etc. SF (who moved to NC)

Anonymous said...

Hahahaha, love it!

therapydoc said...

That's just great. I'll have to remember it.

Maha said...

Sarah - Who knows perhaps we have met but I've never worked in the States. To be honest, I had this forwarded to me in an email a long time ago and it made me crack up looking at it again so I posted it!